Discover the Simplicity and Beauty of A Gentle Advent

Here's a peek into A Gentle Advent

If you’re looking for something special to do with your family through Advent, this is a beautiful resource. I love the variety of activities. From picture study to handicrafts to nature study- you’ll find all of them here to help you enjoy the season.

Leah, homeschool mom

A serene and beautiful Advent isn't a myth!

Does the busyness of the holiday season seem to runaway with you?

Does it feel like Christmas arrives and your entire season is a blur, leaving you wondering if your children really understand why we celebrate? Have you even talked about Jesus outside of church? Have your kids asked what does Advent mean?

I know how that feels. I want my own children to know that Christmas is not about Santa, getting everything on their list, or baking endless sugar cookies, but that we are celebrating the Greatest Gift!

I want Advent to be a time for them to grow close to their Savior.

I desperately wanted a simple approach to help teach them devotion, reflection, generosity, and to enjoy the beauty and the meaning of advent season in all it’s glorious expectation.

Can you relate? 

A Gentle Advent  was born from the desire to have a calm and bright celebratory season. A way to stop the season from running away with us. A way to escape the overwhelm that threatens each December. A way to draw our family closer to each other and closer to our Lord.

Unrush your holiday season this year and experience

 A Gentle Advent.


A Gentle Advent

The original Charlotte Mason-inspired Advent course- a traditional Advent morning time study combines Scripture journaling with handicrafts, music, copywork, nature study, and yummy treats to make your whole family engaged and happy throughout the season.


A Gentle Advent - Jesse Tree

A Gentle Advent - Jesse Tree. This Advent course is designed with lots of hands on activities to keep active learners engaged through the Advent studies.

A Gentle Advent - Jesse Tree includes a Scripture journal that walks your family through the history of Jesus Christ through His family tree. Optional printable ornaments are included to help your children remember the scriptures when they look at your tree.

This Advent course is filled with wonderful handicrafts, candy making, poetry, art, and even a day to just be together resting and enjoying a classic Christmas movie. This is an Advent adventure!


A Gentle Advent - Colonial Christmas

A Gentle Advent - Colonial Christmas is designed to bring history to life for your students. Colonial games, poetry, art, woodworking, recipes and more will make this an Advent to remember. 

 Like all A Gentle Advent courses, Colonial Christmas includes a scripture journal, Advent calendar, and many fun projects that also make great gifts. We recommend this course for ages 8 and up due to the activities included. 


A Homespun Hallelujah - Advent Reflections for Busy Moms

A Homespun Hallelujah is a beautiful Advent study that focuses on Mother Culture.

Short daily devotions guide you gentle through the season while handicrafts, invitations to connect with friends, and creative outlets encourage rest and restoration of your mama heart.

Start your best Advent yet!

Stop stressing about the planning and enjoy a beautiful holiday season with your family this year!

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